Returning patients

Please fill out the Patient History Update form:

      1. If you have had a new injury since your last visit,

      2. If you would like to address a new location of injury (you’ve taken care of those blasted headaches, but now you want to get help with your plantar fascitis),

      3. Or if it has been more than 4 months since we last saw you

When you contact us to schedule your appointment, please let us know that you have a new condition or are returning after 4 months. Thank you for taking the time to update your information; this allows us to give you ideal time with the doctor to update your diagnosis in clinic. Returning patient visits generally take between 30-45 minutes.

If you have been to see us before but you cant remember how long ago, send us a quick email or just tell us when you call. We’ll pull your records and make sure that you get scheduled with the right amount of time.


Please see the following links for relevant info:

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